Richard R.

Spokane Washington:

“I started trading stock back in 2012 and I took a trading course, but the rules were so confusing I never really knew what to do. I’d think… This looks right so I’d place a trade, but then it would start going against me and I’d get out. And it would end up turning around and going my way. Or maybe I’d stay in a losing trade too long. Until I’d decide, you know this is stupid. Then I’d end up getting out with a bigger loss than I should have. The whole thing was just insane. And I lost money. About 2 years ago I started the Fast Money Training Course. I knew it was something I could do. You have your rules of the trade and you just follow them. If it’s time to get out, you get out. And if you should stay in and keep going, then you do that. Overall I’m probably getting 70% winners, with a risk/reward of at least 3-to-1. It’s very good."

Ronald G.

San Antonio Texas:

“I retired back in 2005 and had given my money over to money managers who did nothing but collect fees on low performing mutual funds. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and that is when I decided to enroll into the Fast Money Program. I have (in closed trades) made $6,100 in the last three weeks with only a $20,000 account. Some of my big winners have been SeaDrill March 3 calls 2500% in just one day! Ford March 12.50 Calls 300% in 7 days!! Microchip Technology March 44 Calls 250% in 5 days and I almost can’t believe it."

Earl S.

Huntsville Alabama:

“I joined the fast money program eight months ago and I’ve already earned 4 or 5 times what I paid to join. It’s the best investment I ever made” “….with the training and Following the recommendations the profits started rolling in right away… My percentage of winning trades is the highest I’ve ever had. My trading account is already up over 100%. And growth is really accelerating fast"

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